Monavie Juice is Over priced

MonaVie is as claimed by the company management all natural fruit drink, with Acai berries and other 19 other exotic fruits in its ingredients. 

There are many health benefits Mona Vie claim including
a. improvements in bowels
b. Enhanced energy levels that last for hours
c. Better memory and less dozing off at the office and 
d.  Better sleep after using this product.

Some of the key facts, and it is upto you to recognise this,

a. $40 to $45 for a bottle, this will last only for a week Maximum

b. Every month purchase of around $175 a month for one juice packet containing 4 juice bottles

Let me ask a simple question to all, if this product has so much unique qualities as it is claiming why don't people outside MLM request for getting the same ?. Or is it because in the multi-level marketing structure any high priced product can be easily moved through the network ?. No scientific facts have till now confirmed the real benefits. No Indian government laboratories have confirmed the EXTRA BENEFIT of Monavie juice compared to just our plain Cashew fruit juice or Grape juice.

Lazy Man has conduced huge research about Monavie and the scam. Lazy man has also exposed one of the biggest fraud in the MLM industry by doing great research

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